I just wanted to jump on here because I have some really exciting things going on. This month has then an extremely phenomenal month for me. So far I kind of did some major goal setting at the beginning of this month where I am just taking action, action, action, action, action this month. And I have just been on fire. I have been up since five 30 this morning creating new contents for our business. I have been reading at book because I feel that it's really good to feed your soul with new information. It's called the Medical Medium, if anybody knows anything about Anthony William. He's amazing. He is into different holistic remedies. So his newest thing that he's kind of got this mass movement of celery juice that he's doing. So I've been drinking this stuff. I actually just bought a juicer and I'm really excited to start getting on this everyday. 

It's really funny because I love this stuff and my husband hates it. Not a fan, but I'm going to go to the store later today after I ordered my groceries and I'm going to load up on this stuff because it is so good for the body. He has people healing from it, Google the Celery Juice Movement. He has people that are getting rid of their diabetes as well as many other diseases. So, that's why I have integrated it my diet. I'm also working on creating some new things inside of our business. So be on the look out for those in the near future.

We do everything from like massage to energy work to nutrition. We also own a supplements line with a couple of her friends called seventh on Alchemy, which is just absolutely amazing. That business is going to be blowing up next year. We're going to be bringing some phenomenal life changing things. You guys, we have gone and had two meetings in the last two days that have really shown me that there is not just the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is so much room for mass growth and it's amazing when you find yourself in alignment in your life, things just come and come and come and come. It's, it's just crazy and it's insane. I have been feeling so many intense vibrations and I'm just like vibing at the highest frequency and it's phenomenal because they haven't felt this way probably ever in my life. 

I'm like literally speaking and feeling all of my stuff in to manifestation.  I can't tell you how excited I am to share all this new stuff with you guys. I'm not going to share it yet, but I will tell you that this new, the new platforms that we're going to be using and the new things that we're going to be bringing into our businesses are going to help us reach the masses  so much newfound information in the health and wellness industry. And we are going to help you guys to heal your body's inside and out. And I am so, so, so, so, so excited. Anyway, one other thing that I want to talk about that I've been feeling lately is I have just been so immersed in mass amounts of gratitude for everything that we have been given in this life. 

Celery juice is great for your health. It's anti-inflammatory. This helps to regulate your blood sugars, helps to regulate the cortisol. Currently following the medical medium, who is somebody that I was introduced to about a month ago, so to speak, I think it was about a month ago and I've been reading his books and he has intuitively been given a gift by divine or source that, you know, whatever you choose to call the entity, you know, if you're spiritual or religious, he was given the gift  by God or the Universe of knowing and being able to trace back what illness as people have. Then he has also been able to tell people exactly what's wrong with it. He's actually written several books. His first book I'm currently reading and as I go through these books, I'm definitely going to be sharing lots of great wellness with you guys.  I just want to put this out there that if any of you guys are struggling with health and wellness right now, feel free to reach out and we are here to help you. We have lots of amazing information and great things to share with you guys. 

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