Hey there Alchemist's

I just wanted to jump on here and talk about something that I did yesterday. That was a ton of fun. I'm really excited. So I went and joined this networking group with some amazing women. My girlfriend Michelle talked me into coming to a meeting last night for networking group. I haven't been to any networking groups before, so this was a very different experience. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Other than the fact that I was taking myself out of my comfort zone. I really haven't been into networking other than building my relationships one on one with people that I've been introduced to through business or friends or  different activities and sports. 

 I'm actually so incredibly glad that I did because this new group that we're starting here in Boise, Idaho, I don't know if all you guys know, but that's where I live in little potato land, Idaho. It is not just like your typical run of the mill group or you're sitting around talking about your business, passing out your cards. This is a group where we are becoming a team together and we are developing with each other.  Part of my new tribe. There is so much room for growth.  I will tell you that the women that are in this group are so amazing and so powerful and I cannot wait to work with them.

So what I do mean by your network is your net worth. The type of people that you choose to surround yourself with, they either elevate you or they're going to bring you down. So it's really important to be aware of what kind of energy you're surrounding yourselves with and how you choose to form certain types of relationships. You want to have people that are congruent and your lifestyle and really dedicating the intention of what you guys are aligned with and creating a mass movement of floats from where every relationship that you guys have in your life benefits you.

It is so important to have supportive relationships like that because when we are deficient in something in our life. Whether its that we're having a bad day or we have had struggles in a relationships, work is really crappy or you need support in your business. Whatever capacity that is, you need to have support. This group because that's exactly what this collective of women are doing. So if any of my female entrepreneur friends are looking for something, you're looking for support in your life, whether, again, it's a personal support, you're looking to get out and meet new friends or you're trying to take your business to the next level. I would suggest finding a group of people that you can mastermind with and men, and this even goes for you guys too, is that you need to make sure that you guys are building personal relationships that are going to help elevate you in your life.

I cannot stress enough how important this is because if we don't have support, we're always going to find ourselves in stuck. It is  hard to run every aspect of your life all day long. I know because I've been trying to do this for the last year of building my supplements company and running my other holistic wellness company and getting my daughter to all of her activities with BMX, snowboarding and piano. Life was really busy so I'm really excited to outsource into my network and really grow this.

I am creating something beautiful for myself. So I just kind of want to leave you guys with that on a note and really touch on, make sure that you guys are really connecting with personal relationships and make sure that you are letting yourself grow and be kind to yourselves and have a wonderful night. Thank you guys.