Has your child got an itchy, uncomfortable rash? You might want to check out whether it’s chickenpox. Chickenpox is a highly contagious infection caused by the virus varicella zoster, which mostly occurs in children under the age of 15, though anybody can get it.

A rash caused by chickenpox usually develops on the face, back, and chest before spreading to other parts of the body. The rash starts out as raised red spots which develop into itchy blisters filled with fluid which eventually dry out. Other symptoms of this condition include fever, fatigue, headache, and loss of appetite. Chickenpox usually presents as a mild infection that lasts for 5–10 days and can be looked after at home.1 However, adults, pregnant women, babies under four weeks, and people with weak immune systems (for instance, those undergoing chemotherapy or affected by HIV) are at risk of it progressing to a severe stage and should get medical attention if they contract chickenpox.2 Meanwhile, here are a few tips on dealing with chickenpox at home:

1. Drink Lots Of Fluids Through The Day

Drink lots of fluids so that you don’t get dehydrated. And avoid foods that are hard, salty, or spicy which may irritate chickenpox spots in the mouth. Soft, bland foods (for instance, soup that has cooled down) are better.3

2. Wear Gloves And Socks At Night

The rash caused by chickenpox can be really itchy but scratching it can lead to infection. So it’s important to resist that itch. Keep your nails clean to lower the chances of bursting a blister and try patting your skin instead of scratching when it gets itchy. Also, wear gloves (or socks on) at night so that you don’t scratch while you’re asleep. Wearing smooth, loose, clothes in a comfortable fabric like cotton can also be helpful.

3. Try Neem

Neem leaves are known for their antiviral properties and they can combat the varicella zoster virus. Steep neem leaves in hot water to make a mild tea which can be helpful.4 You can also soak neem leaves in water and bathe in it. This will help relieve itching and soothe your skin.5

4. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a go-to home remedy for dealing with that itchy chickenpox rash. Dilute one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and apply it to the chicken pox blisters. The acidity helps ease itching and also quickens the drying process of the blisters. However, this might not be a good idea if your blisters have broken open and you have open sores.6

5. Soak In Oatmeal

Oats have been used topically to relieve itching for ages. Finely ground oats become a gooey mass which coats the skin and soothes it when it’s mixed with water. So add a small amount of ground oats into your bath water and soak in it for relief.7 8

6. Treat With Honey

Another remedy for dealing with chickenpox has been sitting on your kitchen counter all along – honey! According to research, honey is effective at combating the varicella zoster virus. And spreading some honey on your blisters can not only tackle the virus but also soothe your skin.9 So if you’re looking for an inexpensive, easily available treatment, pick up that bottle of honey.

7. Try Baking Soda

Baking soda is also commonly used to relieve itchy skin. You can add a little baking soda to a glass of water and sponge off irritated skin for relief. Adding a little baking soda to your bathwater can be helpful too.10

6. Treat With Honey

Another remedy for dealing with chickenpox has been sitting on your kitchen counter all along – honey! According to research, honey is effective at combating the varicella zoster virus. And spreading some honey on your blisters can not only tackle the virus but also soothe your skin.9 So if you’re looking for an inexpensive, easily available treatment, pick up that bottle of honey.

7. Try Baking Soda

Baking soda is also commonly used to relieve itchy skin. You can add a little baking soda to a glass of water and sponge off irritated skin for relief. Adding a little baking soda to your bathwater can be helpful too.10

8. Take A Chamomile Bath

Chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can be effective at relieving itchy skin. Add it to your bath water and enjoy a long soak to experience its soothing effects.11

9. Use Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion can soothe itchy skin. So dab a little calamine lotion on affected parts with a cotton swab and let it dry on your skin. Also, do remember to shake the bottle before using the lotion.12

10. Try Homeopathy

You can also check out homeopathic remedies to help you deal with chickenpox. Homeopathy recommends applying calendula (marigold) oil and grindelia (gum weed) in liquid form to chickenpox rashes to relieve itching and promote healing. Your homeopathic doctor may also prescribe medicines like Rhus tox (made from poison ivy) or sulfur to deal with itchy pocks.13

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Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional. Article by Cure Joy

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Hello my gorgeous alchemists

I just want to jump on here and make a blog post about something that is very dear to my heart. I want to talk to you guys about the fact that you guys not need to have chemo to hear your cancer. I am a living testimonial to this fact that you guys do not need to have chemo to cure counselor. As a matter of fact, it’s, he was kind of crazy. Anyway, it destroys your immune system and does all sorts of crazy stuff. So I kind of wanted to get on tonight and talk to you guys about that. Last year alone in the u s there were over 1.6 million new cancer cases and over 500,000 cancer deaths. So think about the statistics of where people are using camp, that they have cancer and they’re using chemo to get rid of it and you have that many deaths from cancer.

It’s kind of crazy. Also, the cancer industry was a 148 billion in annual sales in 2015 in the cancer drug market. You guys, those statistics are crazy. When I had cancer, for any of you guys have followed my journey and listening to my story of how I got rid of cancer. Doing chemo and radiation were not an option for me, because I’m very holistic in my beliefs. Faced with the challenge of getting rid of it myself and I made different diet changes and things like that to get rid of my cancer. So I made some notes earlier today that I wanted to share some different like cancer myths or you know, Chemo Mumbo jumbo I just have kind of found interesting in doing my own research and how the validity of using chemo as something for cancer.

A lot of doctors actually get kickbacks for chemo. So what that means is that every chemo session that gets sold, a doctor gets paid a portion or percentage of that. Big Pharma and the drug companies are actually paying doctors to prescribe these methods versus using something different like vitamin C treatments or something that’s a little more natural that’s not as harsh on the body. Um, in a database over 1.5 million records between August, 2013 and December, 2017 there were 80 or 8.4 billion gifts and payments given to doctors over four years. That’s a lot of money for doctors to be making over. That’s kind of stuff guys. It’s really crazy. So let me ask you guys this question. Tell me why would they want to give up the gifts and the extra money that they earned from prescribing these treatments to people which are not that healthy for you?

Another thing is, is that a lot of people don’t recognize is that came or maybe you guys do, but chemo actually destroys your immune system so you are more susceptible to getting infections. Because what happens is as that it attacks cancer cells, but it also attacks your healthy blood cells, especially the white blood cells, which is what helps to promote a healthy immune system. So, and that’s where that comes from our bone marrow. And what happens when the bone marrows destroyed. It cannot create an apple amount of white blood cells leaving your body prone to more infections. And as we know, when our immune systems are down, when we have cancer, I’ve seen this myself that when people get sick with a cold or the flu, anything like that you’re in, you’re increasing your chances of death by surmount of statistics, which is just crazy.

The other thing that really bothers me about chemo in this industry is how expensive the treatments are. When I was sitting with my normal doctor, when I first got diagnosed, I went over the cost of different treatment plans, what insurance doesn’t cover them, what they do cover, only to find out that each chemo treatment that I would have received started at $7,000. And if anybody knows when you have, when you’re going through chemo, you’re at the hospital three to four days a week getting this stuff infused intravenously. So I mean, you’re at $28,000 in a week guys. And that’s like, it’s crazy because you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just hoping that you guys can save your life. Um, and that’s scary. The fact that this is something that they are still doing and I’m not trying to knock people that have used chemo.

It was just something that was not that I wanted to do for myself because I for one, didn’t have insurance at the time that I had cancer. So I would have gone into a lot of medical debt trying to treat this. And again, I’m very holistic in my beliefs, so I did a lot of research to figure out what I could do to get rid of my counselor on my own. That’s just really what I wanted to talk about is that there are a lot of other options that you don’t need chemo. For me, I did a lot of natural remedies, vitamin C IV treatments, um, lots of supplements. I completely changed everything that I ate and my diet. That is actually what my book is about. It’s getting ready to be released here very soon. I’m really excited to bring this to you guys because it’s full of very valuable information, not just for people that are trying to heal their bodies from cancer, but any auto immune disease or you want to just have a better understanding of how the body works and the owl chemical processes inside where you can get some information of how to heal your body naturally and how it’s anatomically designed to heal itself.

I’m really excited for this launch of my book that’s coming out. I’m really excited for it. This has been something that’s been in the making for several months now. So I will put the link in the comments for you guys to sign up for my email list because I’m going to be releasing this book very soon and I’m going to give it to you guys for free.

If you would like more information get my free ebook here www.theenergytoenjoylife.com/closed

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Hey there Alchemist's

I just wanted to jump on here and talk about something that I did yesterday. That was a ton of fun. I'm really excited. So I went and joined this networking group with some amazing women. My girlfriend Michelle talked me into coming to a meeting last night for networking group. I haven't been to any networking groups before, so this was a very different experience. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Other than the fact that I was taking myself out of my comfort zone. I really haven't been into networking other than building my relationships one on one with people that I've been introduced to through business or friends or  different activities and sports. 

 I'm actually so incredibly glad that I did because this new group that we're starting here in Boise, Idaho, I don't know if all you guys know, but that's where I live in little potato land, Idaho. It is not just like your typical run of the mill group or you're sitting around talking about your business, passing out your cards. This is a group where we are becoming a team together and we are developing with each other.  Part of my new tribe. There is so much room for growth.  I will tell you that the women that are in this group are so amazing and so powerful and I cannot wait to work with them.

So what I do mean by your network is your net worth. The type of people that you choose to surround yourself with, they either elevate you or they're going to bring you down. So it's really important to be aware of what kind of energy you're surrounding yourselves with and how you choose to form certain types of relationships. You want to have people that are congruent and your lifestyle and really dedicating the intention of what you guys are aligned with and creating a mass movement of floats from where every relationship that you guys have in your life benefits you.

It is so important to have supportive relationships like that because when we are deficient in something in our life. Whether its that we're having a bad day or we have had struggles in a relationships, work is really crappy or you need support in your business. Whatever capacity that is, you need to have support. This group because that's exactly what this collective of women are doing. So if any of my female entrepreneur friends are looking for something, you're looking for support in your life, whether, again, it's a personal support, you're looking to get out and meet new friends or you're trying to take your business to the next level. I would suggest finding a group of people that you can mastermind with and men, and this even goes for you guys too, is that you need to make sure that you guys are building personal relationships that are going to help elevate you in your life.

I cannot stress enough how important this is because if we don't have support, we're always going to find ourselves in stuck. It is  hard to run every aspect of your life all day long. I know because I've been trying to do this for the last year of building my supplements company and running my other holistic wellness company and getting my daughter to all of her activities with BMX, snowboarding and piano. Life was really busy so I'm really excited to outsource into my network and really grow this.

I am creating something beautiful for myself. So I just kind of want to leave you guys with that on a note and really touch on, make sure that you guys are really connecting with personal relationships and make sure that you are letting yourself grow and be kind to yourselves and have a wonderful night. Thank you guys.

Good afternoon, gorgeous souls.

I want it to jump on here and talk to you guys about why cancer is more of a spiritual disease instead of a not just the physical. I’ve kind of been touching on this topic over the last week and a lot of this has to do with emotional based stuff and how we store it into our spiritual bodies. For you guys that don’t really know what some of my background is, I’ve been dabbling in like metaphysics and more in like the spiritual realm of healing and stuff like that 10 years really. And so as I walked through my journey of having cancer, I realize that for me personally, it was not a physical ailment. It was not caused by something I ate. It was not caused by something that I drank. It was solely due to the fact that I had trauma varied within my own being and my own aura and my own spirit. You know, whatever you choose to call that entity. And it was something that manifested itself over years. And years and years and years of trauma and sweeping that trauma underneath the rug. So I kind of want to share, I want to get vulnerable with you guys for a moment and share a story from when I was a child.

That was kind of a trauma. In my household we kind of grew up religious to say the least. My Dad was a really strict person and sex was not something that was talked about in my household. It just wasn’t. Um, as a child I can remember not watching my parents be that affectionate of people and when, anytime that something was talked about like kissing or there was like something sexual on TV, I can remember how appalled my dad would get edit and like turn that off, turn the off, and he would just get really erratic and kind of freak out. So that led me with kind of having some trauma based stuff around, Sexual themes.

And so I swore those emotions for a really long time in my life and I believe that’s part of what led to my ailments over time. Due to that. Hey you guys, I thanks for jumping on you guys in checking this out. So, you know, that was something that led me to be really awkward in that realm in my life. It was really uncomfortable and I just always had a lot of really weird feelings about it, you know?

I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I had such negative feelings and negative views on all of that stuff. I had a lot of feelings that were buried alive that never died. Disease, you know, feelings, traumas, emotions manifest on an emotional and energetic level and then they will manifest themselves physically. It’s kind of like the best example that I can give you guys as kind of like, you know, when you got, when you’re in having an altercation with somebody and you can start to feel your blood boil and then his son. So that’s the best way that I can find it. Describe it and you can start feeling the sweat coming on. Your body gets hot, you start to feel your shoulders getting tense, you’re starting to get a tension headache. That’s kind of what I’m talking about when I’m saying that feelings buried alive never die.

So for those of you that know who Louise Hayes’s, this is something that she talked about a ton, a ton, a ton, tons and tons of for years. She is considered to be a metaphysical expert and her understanding is that cancer is often the product of the unresolved fears and traumas. So with myself, I had a lot of fears growing up of, you know, with how strict my dad was and I was kind of always considered a golden child. He always held me to a really high standard. He how he was that same way with my sister. And so I always had these fears of not being good enough, always feeling inadequate and not always feeling to my full potential even though that wasn’t the case. But as we are children, we get fed these things from our parents and them telling us certain things and treating us a certain way, not necessarily to hurt us, but that’s how it’s internalized.

It’s internalized as a trauma. And that stuck with me for years and years and years. Skies and honestly, I really don’t feel like I dealt with it all that well. So this is something that I left unresolved and I believe to my core that this is why I got sick because I was like the epitome of a health nut. Okay. I didn’t buy processed foods before I got cancer. I drank a gallon of water a day. I rarely ever missed a workout. I didn’t eat candy. I have not drinking a soda since I was like 16 years old, you know. Um, I had natural cleaners and my house. So it’s like for what other reason would I have gotten cancer? I don’t have a history of ovarian cancer in my family and I still ended up with it. And the only conclusion that in my mind and in my experience is that this stress that is left inside of our bodies has caused inflammation inside of our spiritual bodies, our emotional bodies and our physical bodies. And that’s what my emotions manifested itself as. Because once we leave things unresolved for so long, it has to eventually be dealt with. You know, when we, when we come, sorry, trying to find my words. When we internalize something and keep internalizing and stacking things up, up, up and up, we will eventually not be able to swallow those emotions anymore. And we blow a gasket. We explode.

And I don’t know anybody that in their lifetime, unless you’re a monk that hasn’t had that experience to some capacity, I know that. I’m really guilty of that anyway, so I just kind of want to leave you guys with this. But when we allow negative feelings to manifest in our bodies, it will eventually manifest itself physically. Um, I can also attest to, I think the fact that this was a byproduct of what my dad got sick with in his cancer, that he had a really, really, really, really rough life. And he never, he was not a man that was emotional. He was very loving and kind, but he was cold emotionally. And I feel like when somebody doesn’t allow themselves to feel and walk through the hellfires, we can’t truly heal.

And if we can’t truly heal, we’re always in a state of disease and sickness. And the longer that you let these things go on in your life, the worst it’s going to get. And I literally let my shit and my baggage that I didn’t own, that I was in denial, that I was creating all of these lies and fantasies in my life is what led me to be sick. Now I think that there are multitude of reasons as to why people get cancer, but in it starts with the spirit body and it starts with your emotions. That’s where all this stuff comes from. You know, it’s not just something that one day we wake up and we’re like, oh boom, here it is.

We have to get out of this cycle of being sick. Guys, you guys need to start and we all need to.

Anyway, but I’m going to leave you guys with that things, Bruce, for jumping on. This is I’m, I’m relating this from my own experience from just being a healthy person. And you also have to think what creates your cells. The mutating cells come from having some sort of deficiency and something wrong with your body. Okay? So when you have unresolved fears and traumas stored inside your body, that creates a stress response that creates inflammation. Inflammation helps to cause cancer. Kay? I’m not saying that it’s all completely a spiritual disease. I’m just saying in my experience, that’s what I believe what caused mine because I was a healthy person. I took care of myself.

And at the end of the day, the only thing that was wrong with me at that time is that I had unresolved bullshit that I was not taken care of. So I had this stress that allowed me to be in a fight, flight or freeze mode for years and years and years that created a stress response and left tons of inflammation in my body. That’s my, that’s what resonates with me. And that’s totally fine. This is a talking about cancer. Talking about any health issue is really something that can get a lot of people’s blood boiling. I see this every day and it’s cool. I’m good with people not agreeing with what I have to say. That’s totally fine too. Anyway, I’m gonna hop off here guys and that’s what I have to say is that I love helping people. This is my passion.

If you guys out there need any help or you guys have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Um, anyway, actually, you know what, let me finish the story with my dad. Okay. I’m going to get really vulnerable with you guys. This is a lot of things that only my personal family know and some of my friends, I’m going to relate this all back to my dad because like I said, he was a very cold and emotional person and he, and treated my sister and I very harshly in a lot of ways and I’m thankful for him today and the things that he did teach me, but that didn’t come without a huge sacrifice. Okay. He got, he died of pancreatic cancer. From the time that he was diagnosed to the time that he passed away, he lived five weeks. And you know what he told me? I asked him, I said, you know, what can you do to better your life? And he said nothing. I said, what do you mean there’s nothing dad, what does that mean? And he lived. He lived with years and years and years of regret because of the things that he did and the things that he experienced through his life. You know, at the age of nine or 10 he had a really hard life. He, he grew up with extremely abusive parents.

His mom tried killing him, his brother and his two sisters by setting the House on fire. When he was 10 years old, he woke up smelling the smoke and had to get his siblings out of the house. There were times his family was part of the KKK back in like the 1960s in Arkansas, which was where he was born and raised. And I mean, can you guys imagine living in this time? What kind of trauma and traumatic things somebody being white would have seen with their family and the KKK. Just you guys think about that, okay? Now I’m not sitting here claiming that my life was nearly as bad as his was or anybody else that I know that’s even sitting here watching this. What I’m getting at is that when you walk your life and you have this stored trauma inside of yourself and you don’t read yourself of it, it is a proven fact that stress causes inflammation, okay?

Inflammation is pretty much the entire root of all of our diseases in our life. Whether the food you’re eating’s creating inflammation, what you’re drinking is inflammation or the things your emotions create inflammation in your body, okay? Cortisol. Cortisol is your stress hormone, okay? That’s what balances you out, Kay? So if you are stressed, you’re producing cortisol. Cortisol causes inflammation. So there’s the science behind it, and again, it’s okay guys, I’m totally okay if this doesn’t resonate with you. I, my purpose in sharing this is because people need to understand that there is a way that you can start helping yourself and moving your life forward so you don’t get these diseases so you don’t get sick and there is a spiritual aspect to it. I was lacking something in my life where I needed to heal.

Okay. You know, and it’s kind of, and I’ll put it to you guys this way too, okay? You ever notice how you keep finding ourselves running around in circles and you’re constantly finding yourself in the same situation over and over and over and over again, right? I know and can personally attest to this, that that’s life knocking on your door to tell you saying, hey, wake up. There’s opportunity on the site. Or Hey, wake up. You have this issue that needs to be dealt. And when you keep kicking the door shut and you don’t wake up, you’re creating resistance in your life and the more resistance that you add to your life, the more you’re going to end up having a fight and fight and fight. And it’s always going to be a struggle.

When we have a resistance in that life, it only perpetuates the problem. So you get the snowball effect. Okay. And then it’s, you’re eventually going to have this cascading avalanche. Well, guess what? In 2015 I sat in my doctor’s office after getting scans after thinking that I was either had endometriosis and polycystic ovaries after being one of them was healthy. People that I know I had cancer, I had cancer because I literally walked my life with having this unresolved trauma in my life that I never dealt with because I was the queen of sweep and shit underneath the rugs. I’m to this day, one of the greatest assets that my dad left me with is the, is being too forgiving. I was the queen of literally, people would do crappy things to me and I’m sweeping under the rug because I didn’t want to be that person. Well, guess what? Because I left my stuff unresolved.

It made me sick and that’s what I’m going to leave you guys with. Please, please, please, please, please take care of yourselves. I, so I’m a holistic wellness practitioner guys. I also am studying NLP and hypnosis and coaching right now and I’m here to help you guys. If you guys have any questions you guys need a door to walk through to be vulnerable at my door is always opened. Hey Megan. You know what, thank you for saying that because that means so much to me to you say that because girl, I know you had some hard stuff in your life and you’re strong too. So thank you. I really appreciate that means a lot. But yeah, I have one thing that I want to share with you guys cause I’m so excited about it and this is why I’m like getting so fired up and this video is because I wrote a book last year. It’s taken me forever to get this finish, but I’m finally realizing it up Thursday. I’m so excited and it talks about how I got rid of my cancer nationally in seven months just by switching my diet, taking supplements and getting my mind right.

I did it.

And it’s true. I did no chemo, no radiation and no surgery. I am so blessed to be able to bring the story to you guys. Anyway, I am going to you guys. Thank. Thank you so much for all the comments. I want to cry right now. Thank you guys for letting me share this with you guys because I feel like this has been really important. Aaron and Erica, Tony and Kim. Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate all of you guys tuning in and

sitting and letting me share this with you because this is something that is so important, so important. Yes, Eric had that. That makes me so sad. You know? You know what really makes me sad when my dad got cancer and this is how serious this is, you guys, especially that this is like, it starts right here inside is that, okay? So I’ve been a holistic wellness practitioner for over 10 years now. My Dad passed away from pancreatic cancer almost five years ago. This August will be five years. And my husband and I tried getting him on like more of a holistic path and tried to help him. And these words stuck with me and I’ll never forget them. He literally looked at me and my face and he said, I love you but I don’t want any, or you have your, which you move stuff. I, he’s like, I don’t believe in it.

I don’t think it’ll work. And I said, okay. And a year and a half later after he passed away, I got cancer. Now imagine the mind fuck that this sent me through thinking I’m like, I’m 30 years old and I have cancer. I have, uh, I had a daughter and I had family to take care of. I had clients that I cared about and that I wasn’t ready to leave. Like I wasn’t ready to go. But the thing that you have to do when you have to understand is that you have to flip the switch in your brain to be able to process at long enough to be able to understand that your body is anatomically designed to heal itself. When it has what it needs. And most of that starts right here in right here and blending the two so you can give your body and your mind what it needs. So you can start to heal. And guess what? I live this every day in my holistic mom, this practice, and I see the changes that people are making from taking our supplements, from getting the coaching, just even the people that we sit and talk inside of our daily lives.

I’m seeing the changes. People are getting off their medication, 
people are getting well in their changing their lives. And that’s the most important thing is that you’re not thriving in sick care anymore for the first time in people’s lives. They’re having healthcare. People are getting better, they’re healing and they’re getting, they’re getting a multitude of blessings in their life because they’re taking that step, getting their mind right, getting their body right. And you can say now that you can truly thrive for the first time in your life, it’s amazing. It’s exciting. People are finally waking up and they’re grasping all this information. I’m just gobbling it up and it’s there for the taking. And again, I’m going to remind you guys, I’m going to put the link to my book and the comments because it’s coming out on Thursday. I’m giving it away for free. I’m not charging you guys a dime for it because this is valuable information that people need to see and they need to hear. Guess what guys? You all have what it takes to take your power back in your control back in your life, inside your heart, your soul, and your mind. You have that power. You just have to be open and ready to receive those gifts and bless yourself, realize and channel how important you are. Not to mention, once you start healing yourself, you have a duty to share that story too.

I love you guys. I’m gonna, I’m gonna do my meditation practice. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to meditate. I love you guys. Have a great night. Again at my door is always open. So if you guys need somebody, I’m here. Love you guys. Have a good night. Uh, Kim, you know what? I’ve missed you too. I’ve been kind of watching what you’ve been going through to you lady are strong woman and I am blessed to have you in my life and call you my friend. I love you guys.

I just wanted to jump on here because I have some really exciting things going on. This month has then an extremely phenomenal month for me. So far I kind of did some major goal setting at the beginning of this month where I am just taking action, action, action, action, action this month. And I have just been on fire. I have been up since five 30 this morning creating new contents for our business. I have been reading at book because I feel that it's really good to feed your soul with new information. It's called the Medical Medium, if anybody knows anything about Anthony William. He's amazing. He is into different holistic remedies. So his newest thing that he's kind of got this mass movement of celery juice that he's doing. So I've been drinking this stuff. I actually just bought a juicer and I'm really excited to start getting on this everyday. 

It's really funny because I love this stuff and my husband hates it. Not a fan, but I'm going to go to the store later today after I ordered my groceries and I'm going to load up on this stuff because it is so good for the body. He has people healing from it, Google the Celery Juice Movement. He has people that are getting rid of their diabetes as well as many other diseases. So, that's why I have integrated it my diet. I'm also working on creating some new things inside of our business. So be on the look out for those in the near future.

We do everything from like massage to energy work to nutrition. We also own a supplements line with a couple of her friends called seventh on Alchemy, which is just absolutely amazing. That business is going to be blowing up next year. We're going to be bringing some phenomenal life changing things. You guys, we have gone and had two meetings in the last two days that have really shown me that there is not just the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is so much room for mass growth and it's amazing when you find yourself in alignment in your life, things just come and come and come and come. It's, it's just crazy and it's insane. I have been feeling so many intense vibrations and I'm just like vibing at the highest frequency and it's phenomenal because they haven't felt this way probably ever in my life. 

I'm like literally speaking and feeling all of my stuff in to manifestation.  I can't tell you how excited I am to share all this new stuff with you guys. I'm not going to share it yet, but I will tell you that this new, the new platforms that we're going to be using and the new things that we're going to be bringing into our businesses are going to help us reach the masses  so much newfound information in the health and wellness industry. And we are going to help you guys to heal your body's inside and out. And I am so, so, so, so, so excited. Anyway, one other thing that I want to talk about that I've been feeling lately is I have just been so immersed in mass amounts of gratitude for everything that we have been given in this life. 

Celery juice is great for your health. It's anti-inflammatory. This helps to regulate your blood sugars, helps to regulate the cortisol. Currently following the medical medium, who is somebody that I was introduced to about a month ago, so to speak, I think it was about a month ago and I've been reading his books and he has intuitively been given a gift by divine or source that, you know, whatever you choose to call the entity, you know, if you're spiritual or religious, he was given the gift  by God or the Universe of knowing and being able to trace back what illness as people have. Then he has also been able to tell people exactly what's wrong with it. He's actually written several books. His first book I'm currently reading and as I go through these books, I'm definitely going to be sharing lots of great wellness with you guys.  I just want to put this out there that if any of you guys are struggling with health and wellness right now, feel free to reach out and we are here to help you. We have lots of amazing information and great things to share with you guys. 

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